*****I'm a keen club runner and been seeing Philly at Studio 57 for several years. She is very knowledgeable fixed my various calf and glute issues, she has never failed to get me to the finish line!
Simon, Hove

"Sports massage helped with general stiffness"
"I'm a park runner - in the 'trying to be more active' category - and have been going for a year or so to Philly at Studio57 for sports massage and for help with general muscle stiffness, strains and rehabilitation.
The clinic has distinctly sporty leanings but still welcoming and encouraging to all comers! Philly is excellent: knowledgeable, thorough, and has helped me with a number of issues now. I would, and do, recommend her."
Cathy, Brighton

***** I suppose, having completed 4 Marathons and 8 half marathons, I may be considered a bit of a veteran- You know, Ive been around the block :-) But, just like the search for a good dentist or doctor, the path for the perfect sports therapist can be just as long and sometimes just as painful. Then along came Philly. She is one of those who can make their job look and sound ridiculously easy- when we all know that is far from the truth. Unassuming, considerate and self-effacing, she is a professional and a credit to her profession. Philly’s treatment was first class. She will spot an issue before you do. Her advice was incredibly supportive and insightful and delivered in the manner of someone who really does care about her clients.
The winter marathon training will soon be upon us… Better call Philly!
Matt, Brighton

"Regular sports massage from the magic hands of Philly Edscer enabled me to run 4 full marathons in a month, something I would never have been able to have done without her support and ability to keep my legs moving. Here’s to the next challenge !!"
Darren, Worthing

*****Philly has done an excellent job with my sciatica and associated symptoms.I was amazed that all the muscle knots disappeared in just a few sessions!I highly recommend it and only wish i had gone there sooner!
Greg, Hove

*****I have had many Philly massages between, before and after the 2 marathons I have run this year, she has been excellent and I couldn't recommend her more. Without her knowledge, help and guidance in looking after my tired old legs the whole thing would have hurt like hell. Thank you Philly.
Nigel, Hove

*****I see Philly, a Sports Massage Therapist who is excellent & I have recommended her to many people. She also treats both my son's, one has regular cranial therapy to help calm his Autism & it works fantastically (for him). All staff at Studio 57 are always very friendly. It is a light, relaxed environment with good therapy rooms, they have their own parking (although limited) but there is always plenty street parking if needed.
Linda, Brighton

*****We saw Philly Edscer for a course of Sports Massages throughout our training leading up to the Brighton Marathon - our experience was great and without question the treatments helped us through the various niggles picked up once we stepped up the mileage. Philly's very knowledgeable and accommodated seeing us on Saturday's which was perfect given we don't work locally so weekday appointments would always prove to be challenging for us.
Mark & Vanessa, Hove

"I've been receiving sports massage for a couple of years and have always found the treatments I receive from Philly spot on. She works on what needs to be worked on at the time and also offer additional advice on exercise and wellbeing. I also find that as I lead a busy life, Philly is flexible with appointments and will always try to fit me in. She's an experienced and talented therapist and works hard to preserve my health and also prevent any injuries lurking around the corner".
Elaine, Brighton

"Philly is lovely; I would recommend treatments with her. I’ve been having sports massage treatments with Philly for a year now, she has been able to improve my flexibility, by working on some old injuries that I had and I continue to see her for ongoing body maintenance."
Claire, Brighton.

*****I enjoy running marathons & have done for many years. To run a good marathon you need to put in the training miles, learn to stretch, sort out your carbs and for me, Pilates is crucial. Equally important is muscle condition & that's where sports massage at Studio 57 really makes a difference, not just for helping overcome injury but helping recovery as well as preparing leg muscles for the workload. It works for me - so it's a big thank you to Philly & Studio 57.
Chris, Hove

"Sports massage really helped to reduce the swelling and tightness caused by the fracture and bad sprain. You made me feel very at ease and the recommended exercises were extremely helpful in the recovery."
Julia, Brighton

"About 18 months ago I went to Studio 57, bent sideways due to lower back pain. After a couple of sessions with one of their osteopaths, I was advised to have a monthly sports massage with Philly. That has not only straightened me up but has made me much more mobile. I was given good advice on gentle exercises to do at home and I now suffer only occasional pain, which is usually sorted-out on my next visit. I recommend the friendly and efficient service."
John, Hove

*****I visited Studio 57 whilst training for Brighton Half and Full marathon, as had started to get some running pain and wanted to sort before my training was impacted. I first met with Mitchell who did a very thorough assessment, a great treatment and some training and some great stretching tips to do at home. I was so pleased with whole visit that I booked another session and this time I saw Philly. Again the treatment was excellent, and also was given further advice plus exercises to do at home. I was able to get straight back to training and felt great at both races.I can't recommend Studio 57 highly enough, staff make you feel very welcome and are very friendly. And no matter your fitness levels, they are very knowledgeable and explain exactly what they are doing and why, and I will definitely be using them again.
David, Brighton

*****I have been with Studio57 since 2006 and Elle helped me get through the London Marathon that year (I was quite badly injured). Since then I have continued to have fantastic treatment and support from the team especially: Christie (now working in Worthing); Physio Paul (helped diagnose and treat an Acromioclavicular Joint issue), Philly (expert in the use of needling to treat injury) and Matt (coaching and supporting my goal of a sub 3:15 Brighton marathon 2016). Part of my training very much includes treatment and support at Studio57 & Stride UK. Next on my agenda is the runners MOT and sessions focusing on strength.
Martin, Hove

"It was so calm and relaxed- Philly really made both mums and babies feel at ease and even when they didn't want to stay still it was easy to learn and try at home. All in all, it was a lovely, useful course that has made me feel more confident and helped."
Fanny & Milo, Hove

"Relaxed atmosphere & friendly, practical skill to have, easy location, nice amount of chat. classes about the right length per session and with regards to course length too."
Jess & Oliver, Brighton

"In the January of 2015 I exacerbated an old neck injury which caused me a great deal of pain and reduction in my daily activities.
I contacted BHWC and was quickly referred to Philly a well experienced Massage therapist.
Over the years I have tried different therapies including acupuncture and physiotherapy for the same injury. Remedial massage has been the therapy that I have found to be most effective,and I was really pleased to find that Philly was experienced in this area of massage.
It took approximately between 2-3months for the symptoms to be totally alleviated but it got better on a weekly basis.My symptoms reduced gradually and my neck movements really improved.
As part of my weekly treatment I was given health advice and exercises to speed up my recovery. I enjoy running and regular gym activities and was advised to reduce exercises such as spinning which could impinge on my recovery.
I found the treatment areas to be clean,relaxing and comfortable. Treatment was given promptly and I never had to wait.
Philly is a professional, very competent and caring individual and I would recommend her to all of my family and friends who had troublesome musculoskeletal problems. An outstanding service!"
Sue, Hove

*****Philly has been a great asset with her sports massages provided to my son. She regularly targets in on areas that require work as well as supporting my son in the best way to recover from injury. She has provided invaluable advice by email and in the studio regarding sports injury and recovery. She conducts her work in a quiet, friendly manner and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others. She is always interested to see my son's progress in sport too.
Liam, Hove

*****Philly has treated my 14 year old daughter for some time now massaging her before or after athletics and netball events. She is a fantastic sport therapist and my daughter feels she has really benefitted from the therapy received from Philly
Melanie, Hove

"I found my way to Philly on a referral from my Chiropractor. I had developed a complex and un-diagnosable condition some years before that left me in constant pain and suffering from reduced mobility and flexibility. I also frequently suffer what should be minor injuries (sprains and strains) that take weeks if not months to heal. My GP seemed unable to help beyond continuously upping my regiment of pain killers and other
medications. The massage therapy has really helped. After a treatment if feel so much better, the tension and knots in my muscles ease reducing the pain, my posture improves and my body moves so much more freely. I really believe that if I hadn’t found this type of treatment I would barely be able to walk and certainly would not have been able to continue working at a job that I love doing! It fits in so well with other aspects of supporting my wellbeing; Chiropractic, Mindfulness and Pilates all combine to help keep me going and make me feel that I have some control back in my life and how I manage my condition."
Michelle, Newhaven

*****Great service, always punctual and always do the best to fit you in. Oh and the treatment works!"
Mark, Hove

*****I've visited Studio57 for a number of sports massage appointments (with Philly) over the last few years and have had nothing but good experiences and results for the fairly specific issues I've attended for. I cannot recommend Philly and Studio57 enough for Sports Massage and general advice for ongoing injury management.
Pete, Brighton

"Philly was excellent in the lead up to the London Marathon. She was friendly and professional, and helped me not only to get through the marathon pain free, but to get a pb as well"
Siobhan, Hove

"Since mixing chiropractic treatment with massage I now have more mobility in my joints than I have for years! I've been able to reduce the number of visits to the chiropractor.
The massage has made a great improvement to my mobility. I can walk a lot easier now!"
Caroline, Brighton

"During my training for the Brighton Marathon I picked up the dreaded 'Runners Knee' injury. I found myself unable to do any running or training for over a month. After then I could only run for 1 maybe 2 miles before I had to stop again due to the pain. I only had two months left until I had to run the Brighton Marathon and my longest training run I had done was only 10k.

I went to see Philly at the Studio57 Clinic she treated the injury and gave me excellent advice on how to overcome it. I was back up and running soon after and I completed the Marathon without any pain or discomfort. Before going to see Philly I didn't even think I would have made the starting line let alone finish it! There is no doubt in my mind that without that help and support I would not have been able to have done it. Amazing."
Paul, Hove

"Though my decrepit multi-storey car park of a body has not become a Temple of Feng Shui Harmony, having regular massage from Philly King has helped me deal with a frozen shoulder, back pain and the daily stress of twenty first century strife. I recommend it BIG TIME and wish I hadn't left it so long to engage with this most rewarding of ancient therapies. It's a moment of Zen in a busy world."
Royston, Hastings

“Philly created a brilliant environment for the massage class, the temperature was just right. Philly was very welcoming and friendly and had a good understanding of babies needs and because of this I was able to feel very relaxed and comfortable in class.”
Cat and Olly, Hove

“I gently performed the face massage over her sinuses when she recently had a cold and it helped her breathing enormously. Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about massaging my baby. It has made us closer and I thoroughly enjoy doing it daily.”
Sally and Fawn, Brighton

"Thank you, you are a magician!*"
Dheeresh, Hove

"Today went well. Completed the marathon in 3hrs 52 - very happy bunny - thanks for your help in getting me through today."
Dave, Brighton

"I'm feeling much better today. Must have been your magic touch. So much so I have already entered again for next year."
Mark, Winchester

"All the therapists I've seen for various treatments, like Philly's sports massage, have not only been exceptionally professional and skilled, but have made me feel welcome, relaxed and important. The overall atmosphere of the clinic is fantastic - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it."
Laura, Hove

"Thank you so much Philly for teaching us baby massage, I would highly recommend your course to all first time mums, as it was a lovely way to meet other mums and to learn how i could help, heal and prevent tummy and digestion problems. Philly you were an excellent, very lovely, kind and patient teacher. Thank you so much again. "
Emily and Tabitha, Hove

"Philly is excellent and very thorough. Happy with my treatment."
Jo, Steyning

"I valued the quiet relaxing time and space with my baby Jack. I enjoyed learning basic baby massage techniques. The classes enabled me to feel more confident in using the techniques. I felt the massage really helped me with forging and strengthening the bond with my baby. I also enjoyed meeting and chatting with other Mums."
Liz and Jack, Shoreham

"The class was very calm, and easy techniques to follow which I can easily use at home and do every night. I found it works as a relaxant for my baby, and really helps us in te bonding process and she is completely focused on me throughout."
Mel, Brighton

"A massive thank you for all your help keeping me 'off road' and helping me to achieve amazing things."
Dave, Haywards Heath

"I have been to see Philly several times for massage, both before becoming pregnant and since. Philly is absolutely one of the best massage therapists I've seen. Her experience and skill is clear. I always feel amazing afterwards and wish I could stay for twice as long! I cannot recommend her enough to athletes and Mums-to-be."
Lucy, Hove

"Philly was welcoming and kind and always asked how everyone was and gave space to share stories."
Natalie and Lucas, Brighton

"I started to use Philly about a year ago to help me get ready for a mountain bike race in Germany. From the very start Philly was very professional, after taking down a few particulars about any injuries I have or had. Her knowledge of the Skeletal and Muscular is second to none. The understanding of how the muscles work with each other certainly helped in getting my body ready for a 24 hour solo bike race. After each session with Philly my body felt so much more powerful as well as more movement and less tightness. The proof is in the pudding as they say, I came second in my race, and still the only English man to stand on the podium twice, one win and one second placing I’m sure all the work Philly had done over the months certainly helped me get more out of my body in my training as well as my racing. I highly recommend her and her work for all serious sports people whatever your age."
Jay, Brighton - Rad am Ring Master 3 Champion 2012 and second place 2014

''I had been looking for something to add into baby's routine after bath time. There was this gap between feeding and bedtime and now I feel I've discovered the missing link.
Doing a little massage helps our baby unwind and has become a very special bonding time for us both. It's great to have learnt new skills as I can vary his routine every time, it's very flexible.
Thanks Philly, your classes have been really useful and enjoyable."
Sam and Finley, Brighton

*****Amber unexpectedly won the South of England Combined Events (Pentathlon) with 4 personal bests. The massage really helped loosen things up and fed into her excellent performance.
Melanie, Hove

"Very enjoyable sessions, relaxing for mum and baby. Useful techniques for alleviating wind, teething and tummy problems."
Victoria and Louie, Brighton

"Matilda and I really enjoyed the course with Philly. Philly was friendly and professional and delivered the course at a good pace for us to absorb and learn the techniques. Thanks Philly!"
Lucy and Matilda, Hove